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1870's America. A Chinese immigrant falsely accused of murdering a white woman is viciously hunted down; he'll have to prove his innocence in a time when people of color had "no legal rights" and could be bought and sold for a profit.

Railroad to Hell

A Chinaman's Chance


                  Reggie Lee

Aki Aleong

        Also starring:

Timothy Bottoms

Jason Connery


Mariam Vardani

Danny Trejo

Ernest Borgnine

Olivia Hussey

Lorenzo Lamas

Christopher Atkins

Geoffrey Lewis

Martin Kove

Edward Albert

Bo Svenson

Theresa Russell

John Phillip Law

Charles Dierkop

Tommy Chong

Produced by:  Aki Aleong 

Written by:  Aki Aleong

 Directed by: Aki Aleong


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